Packing List

Packing List

– Passport / Visa
– Ticket / travel information
– Photo ID or Drivers License
– Travel pocket – your ticket, passport, Visa, seating info and photo ID will need to be reached quickly time and time again with out digging through your bag. But it needs to be in  a    safe place as to not get lost or stolen.
– Cash money in 20’s or 50’s
– Copy of Passport and Photo ID
– Insurance policy for personal accidents
– Copy of Personal Info – doctors name and number, medications you take, things you are allergic to, family contact information
– Doctor’s visit for shots – we will let you know what shoots are needed
– Shot record information
– Umbrella – shorter version of the hand held ones
– Poncho Rain Covering – this depends on the season you are traveling in
– Gum or travel mints to keep breath fresh
– Personal needful medication packed in carry on, all other medication packed in check in luggage
– Hygiene in small travel items –
o Deodorant
o Shampoo
o Conditioner
o Soap Liquid or Bar
o Razor
o Shaving Cream
o Body Spray, Cologne or Perfume
o Floss String
o Mouth Wash
o Tooth Paste
o Toothbrush (2 of them)
o Powder – gold bond or baby powder with cornstarch
o Eye care – contacts, solution, glasses cleaner, caring case
– Medical – baby wipes, hand sanitizer, stomach medicine, ban aids, Neosporin, anti acids, sunscreen, mesquite repellant with deet,
– Snack Bags – I pack some small zip lock bags of nuts and some popcorn candy mix so that I can snack in airports and not pay 20 bucks for something. Don’t pack drinks!
– Bible
– Journal book
– Pens (20 to 30)
– Testimonies translated
– Camera
– Sunglasses
– Sheet – very light in material
– Pillow – take a very small one in your check in luggage
– Small Flash Light
– Chap Stick
– Gifts are Optional – take one gift for your translator
(I always take 3 or 4 shirts, several hats, sunglasses, pens, watches, American candy, or maybe something specific that someone likes)
– Shirts 12 – light material short sleeve shirts and one button up or collar shirt, for plane
– Collared Short Sleeve Shirt – 1 or 2 but make sure they are thin material
– Long Sleeve Sweeter or Pull Over – The plane and airports get really cold
– Pants – one pair only and they can be jeans or slacks
– Shorts – 4 or 5 pair, please avoid real short skirts or dresses
– Sleep Ware – shirt and shorts remember the nights are muggy so dress lightly
– Cap – to keep sun off of you
– Socks – three pair
– Towel – one only
– Flip flops – not brand new, Brazil is not the place to break in a new pair
– Shoes – one pair only
– Underwear – I personally use under armor in order to keep me dry, remember we are 2 degrees off the equator.
– American gift list – it is good to pack a list of things your want to purchase for family and friends so that you will have a fresh reminder when you walk into a store in Brazil

Note: I take large zip lock bags and place several items of clothing in them then place a dryer sheet in them then take a McDonalds straw and zip it up to the edge then suck out the air and zip it shut. This decreases your luggage space while keeping your clothes dry and fresh.

On your Visas, with airport officials and thru immigration and customs, YOU ARE TOURISTS! Don’t mention to them that you are missionaries… specially don’t ever say you are working! They can put you back on the plane for the wrong visas. You are under a tourist visa and you actually will do tourism here one day. Don’t ever tell them you came to work by any means. You are coming to visit churches and a Brazilian Missionary as you see new sites of Brazil, which is tourism.

When you pack – DIVIDE UP EVERY ITEM OF WORTH YOU ARE BRINGING AMONG YOUR BAGS AND, IF NECESSARY, AMONG THE TEAM MEMBERS – especially if you are bringing electronic devices. Customs in Brazil is charging each person that brings over 500 US dollars worth of electronic devices an enormous amount of money as “tax”; actually, 50 % of the amount that exceeds 500 dollars. If you are bringing something as a gift to someone here in Brazil, it is best if you just open up all the packages so that it does not look like brand new. In case they ask, just tell them it is yours. They have really changed over customs in Brazil lately – especially towards Americans after the war in Iraq.

Expect to be treated badly at the airport and especially going through customs. Due to the opposition to war in Brazil, but probably more because of the tendency in Brazil to end trading relations with USA; Brazilian officials at customs in airports started to take pictures and finger print each American citizen that enters Brazil ports. They will sometimes put you in long lines and make you fill out forms.

In every airport until you arrive at your final destination where your Missionary will be waiting for you, it is mandatory that all of the team members stay TOGETHER. It is very handy to have team members dressed up in one color shirt or jeans. It is even better if all suitcases that belong to the team are identified by a colored ribbon of some sort.

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