In 2008 Wellington & Tania was pastoring a church in Mato Grosso Brazil. They felt attracted to the village of Primeria Cruz that was 1,500 miles way which is the same village I had felt attracted to three years earlier. For those 3 years I had been doing heavy evangelism in Primeria Cruz, my goal was to get everyone saved. They sold all their belongings and moved to Primeria Cruz and this is were we first meet.

We connected instantly and began working together loving the people of Primeria Cruz. In 2010 as I preparing for a trip to visit them I began to think about water. I thought I was dehydrated so I begin to drink more water but this did not make my thought of water disappear. When I told him what I was thinking he started crying and begin to tell me to take a walk with him. As we began to walk he started telling me about dreams that he had been having while I was thinking about water months earlier.

In this dream he was standing in a large lagoon that had crystal clear water, people were lined up on the outside of the banks but could not get to it so Wellington started splashing in it asking Jesus how to get the water to the people. He stopped talking and told me we had arrived, when I looked up I saw CAEMA. The words left my mouth, my heart sank to my feet. As Wellington began to show me the water that this water treatment facility made and distributed to the people I felt sick to my stomach. What occurred next was days of crying and weeks of not eating any solid food because this awful water had stolen from me every form of comfort I rested in minutes before seeing what I now saw.

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